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Auction Wednesday July 29th @ 5pm

Auction Wednesday July 29th @ 5pm Preview Wednesday July 29th, Noon-5pm Auction Includes: White and fossilized ivory carvings, scrimshaw, Winchester-Mosin Nagant-Browninig-ERA Enfield-Savage-Ruger-Remington-FN-Henry rifles, Huge amount of ammo, jade figurines, Collection of Coins, Soapstone carvings, milk glass,  interesting metal figures, Baleen basket, Swords, Books, Tools, … Continue reading

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Auction Wednesday July 8th @ 5pm

Auction Wednesday July 8th @ 5pm Preview Wednesday July 8th Noon-5pm Auction Includes: FN-Browning-Repeating Arms-Tokarev-DSA-Husqvarna-Winchester-Savage Arms-Remington-Marlin-Ruger Rifles, S&W-Ruger Pistols, Fabulous Ivory Carvings & Scrimshaw, Netsuke’s, Collectibles, Grass Baskets, Soapstone carvings, Phenomenal Walrus headmount, Knives, Swords, Framed Art, Posters, Collectible coins & bills, Furniture, Household items, Antiques, … Continue reading

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